Survey Inspections

The majority of our survey work is undertaken in Oxfordshire, the Cotswolds and the adjacent counties, but we are happy to travel where appropriate and have in the past undertaken survey work as far afield as Yorkshire, Norfolk, Kent, the Isle of Wight, Devon and Shropshire.

In addition to the full Building Surveys, we also undertake RICS HomeBuyer Reports which are ideally suited to relatively modern buildings of conventional construction. We are more than happy to discuss the type of inspection and report which would suit any particular building.

Occasionally we are asked to make a “brief” inspection. Whilst we are happy to focus on any particular aspect of the building, we often feel that it is counter productive to attempt to save time on the inspection itself, although we are happy to tailor the length of the report and the amount of detail in it to suit the requirements of a particular client.

The fees charged for survey inspections depend largely upon the size and complexity of the building or buildings involved. We are happy to provide a quotation upon request.