Method & Philosophy

We value our independence highly and aim to provide a personal and efficient service to our clients.

We specialise in the inspection of older and larger houses, although we are of course happy to inspect properties of all ages and types.

In principle our approach to old buildings is a practical and pragmatic one. We appreciate of course that clients must be warned and advised about current and future problems but we believe that old buildings should be treated with respect and also that our clients do not wish to be deflected from a purchase for insignificant reasons. We make a point of speaking to our clients or their advisers immediately after the survey inspection before the preparation of the written report and it is most important that the correct emphasis is placed on comments regarding points requiring attention.

Over the years, we have inspected, and organised repairs on, thousands of old buildings including mansions and manor houses, old rectories, farmhouses and cottages. Experience gained during renovation projects provides essential knowledge when approaching the inspection of any type of building.